Fraser Coast’s biggest green project will soon be ready to be switched on

THE power will soon be turned on for one of the Fraser Coast’s biggest green projects ever realised.

After more than a year in construction, the Susan River Solar Farm, a $175 million renewable energy project in the heart of the Fraser Coast, will be opened on February 5th. of 2019

Once fully operating, it is expected to produce enough energy to power thousands of homes in the Fraser Coast.

The site is one of the flagship projects by energy company Elliott Green Power, who are also handling the construction of the neighbouring Childers Solar Farm and Nevertire Solar Farm in northern NSW.

A spokesman from Honner PR, one of the companies handling the development of the Susan River site, said the three projects will deliver a combined 300 megawatts of green power per year

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More than 50 per cent of the land at Hervey Bay’s premiere residential estate has already been sold, even as new lots are being developed

Beach scene Fraser Island [Indian Heads]

Henry Sapiecha

Fatality on Bruce Highway Torbanlea Truck & car smash with 50 yr old woman from Bundaberg

Truck heading South collides with car coming out of Gympe St.

A SIMPLE mistake meant Cheree Vowles never made it home to Bundy after a trip to Hervey Bay on Sunday afternoon.

Witnesses state she did not stop or slow down at the intersection.

She died instantly from massive head & body injuries it appears.

The collision happened 4:45pm 9th June 2018 .

When I heard the heavy noises of braking, collisions & roll overs I knew it would be serious & I was on the scene within 60 secs of the fatal intersection collision.

Passers by & myself were in attendance & covered the body until services arrived.

Services,police & fire crews are now on the scene & the jaws of life are being used to extract the body of the dead woman.

The truck driver is in shock but uninjured

Some pics below I took at the scene just minutes ago

The accident happened outside my front driveway at Torbanlea on the Bruce Highway

ABOVE > Woman’s body is still in the car prior to any services arriving

ABOVE > Woman’s body is still in the car prior to any services arriving

ABOVE > Woman’s body is still in the car prior to any services arriving

ABOVE > Woman’s body is still in the car prior to any services arriving

ABOVE > Woman’s body is still in the car prior to any services arriving

ABOVE > Woman’s body is still in the car prior to any services arriving

ABOVE> Out of control truck loses load of a red/white work ute

ABOVE> Skid tracks left by truck after smashing into the woman’s car

ABOVE & BELOW> Services at the fatal accident scene

Latest at 8pm.The big boys from Claytons are here to extract the large truck from its crashed location at Torbanlea Fraser Coast Qld

Below 2 pics are from the local paper Fraser Coast Chronicle

Below more pics I took of the highway carnage. Henry Sapiecha

Grieving friends & relatives visit the death scene 16th June 2018 below

Henry Sapiecha


Maryborough High School Students to build, develop drones Fraser Coast Queensland Australia

THERE are about 50,000 drones flying in Australian skies at any one given time, according to Andrew Bradshaw, and as of July Maryborough Fraser Coast Qld students will just add to that growing number.


FLYING HIGH: Autonomous Technology CEO Andrew Bradshaw, Bruce Bell of Skills Generation and Graeme Nagle of Osprey Imagery with Head of Technology at MSHS Gavin Grantz and one of the drones that students will build and learn to fly from July 2018.Alistair Brightman


Maryborough State High School is partnering with Autonomous Technology to deliver a  great new programme for senior Fraser Coast Qld high school students.

Students have the opportunity to commence a Certificate II in Engineering Pathways in Year 10 which would lead them to a Certificate III in Aviation by the middle of Year 12.

Within the programme, students will get to learn how to design, build and operate drones with a CASA-Approved Commercial Pilot License.

Mr Bradshaw, CEO of of Autonomous Technology said in 2019, the students would develop and print drone pieces on 3D printers.

Each student will receive their own individual drone kit which they will use to build and will also have theory-based lessons to learn laws and regulations about the use of drones. MSHS Head of Technology Gavin Grantz said the introduced curriculum was an “exciting time”.

“It’s a gateway to a particular group of students to head down and it’s something we haven’t catered for before,” Mr Grantz said.

“It fits well with what we do and where we’re headed and the couple of students I’ve spoken to can’t wait.”

MSHS principal Simon Done said the curriculum could assist with youth unemployment. “If you’re looking at youth unemployment and youth capacity to be able to go into an industry where there’s a significant shortfall of qualified people, we have the opportunity to provide that industry (with) local workers,” he said.

“The idea of looking at a significant growth industry and being able to do that locally, that’s just too appealing to bypass.”

Earlier this year, the school was one of just a few in the North School region to introduce the new national Digital Technologies Curriculum, involving I T coding.


I just hope the people involved with the drones programme Maryborough State High School get to view just some of my sites below , especially the DRONES SITE.

I have been a resident of the Fraser Coast for over 20 years.

Pass along the likes & links & facebook as much as you can guys.It would help me greatly for google traffic & Mr Google may throw some very much needed dollars at me.

Enjoy your journey here & good luck-Great initiative.Congratulations.

Henry Sapiecha

Crocodile sighted three times around a Fraser Coast wharf

A CROCODILE has been spotted several times underneath a Fraser Coast wharf this month.

A spokeswoman from the Department of Environment and Science said a number of sightings had been reported regarding a crocodile seen at Little Tuan Creek under the wharf near Eckert St at Boonooroo.

The reptile has reportedly been seen on March 4, March 12 and March 16.

“On the three occasions the animal was not behaving in an aggressive or otherwise dangerous manner,” the spokeswoman said.

The reptile is estimated to be approx 2.5 metres long, but that information had not been substantiated by the department.

Warning signs have been placed in the area, with wildlife officers investigating during the day on March 13 and doing a night spotlight patrol of the river.

No evidence of crocodile activity was discovered.

Staff are currently investigating the most recent sighting on March 16.

Crocodiles south of the Boyne River are targeted for removal.

Henry Sapiecha

Fraser Coast Qld future brightens with a major solar farm getting the green light

THE Fraser Coast could realise its goal of being the renewable energy capital of Queensland as soon as this year, after a massive solar farm was approved by the FCR council.

Plans for a 400.67ha solar farm home to 375,000 solar panels at Munna Creek, near Bauple, was approved by the Fraser Coast council on Thursday.

The decision comes after three other sites were given the green light last year by council to host solar farms.

The facility will be developed by Renewable Energy System Technologies over three stages and involve the transport of hundreds of thousands of solar panels.


Stage 1 involves the preparation of the site, including roads and parking, while the solar panels will be transported and installed at the site during stage 2.

Stage 3 will comprise of post construction works including rehabilitation work to Blowers Rd and broader drainage and landscape treatments.

A proposed locality plan of the new 400.67ha Munna Creek Solar Farm, which was approved by the Fraser Coast Regional Council last week.Contributed

Once completed, the project is expected to generate many thousands of kilowatts in electricity to connect to the Ergon network.

It is yet undeterined as to how many jobs the solar farm would create.

The project’s approval marks the fourth major renewable initiative in the Fraser Coast.

It comes after a major deal was struck with a London based hedge fund to deliver two Queensland solar farms with capital costs of more than $300 million.

Australian solar developer Esco announced affiliates of Elliott Advisers would take 100 per cent of the Susan River solar farm, near Maryborough, and the Childers solar farm, near Bundaberg.

Both projects have now reached financial close, but neither has an offtake agreement meaning the electricity generated will be sold into the spot market.

Esco managing director Steve Rademaker said Elliott was prepared to fund the projects through to connection, entirely with equity.

Esco will remain as asset managers under a long-term contract.

Esco Pacific Managing Director and founder Steve Rademaker said Australian merchant solar remains an attractive opportunity for experienced investors.

“Esco looks forward to bringing jobs and growth to regional Australia through its extensive pipeline of highly advanced projects currently under development,” Mr Rademaker said.

Two major projects in Teebar and North Aramara were approved last year with construction pending.

Teebar Clean Energy director Greg McGarvie said the company was currently resolving the regulatory requirements to start construction on their multi-million dollar project.

“We’re working towards resolving everything so we can get a start on the project,” Mr McGarvie said.

Infrastructure councillor Denis Chapman said the boom in major renewable projects was “something out of the future”.

“Any work in this region is a bonus, we’ve got to generate employment, and this is the way forward,” Cr Chapman said.

“The more of these projects we can approve for the region, the more prosperous we will become

Commencement of construction of Esco Pacific’s Childers And Susan River Solar Farms in Queensland isn’t far off, and other Esco large-scale PV projects are progressing. 

Childers River Solar Farm

To be situated 60km south of the Bundaberg’s CBD and 15km south-east from the township of Childers, the project web site states the facility will be up to 120MW (NewsMail reports it as being 75MW). Esco Pacific states the facility will consist of approximately 400,000 solar panels mounted on single axis trackers. Development approval for the project was granted by Bundaberg Regional Council in December 2016 and construction is expected to start in the next month or two.

Susan River Solar Farm

Approved by Fraser Coast Regional Council in December 2016, the $175-million Susan River Solar Farm will be up to 100MW capacity and built on a site approximately 17 kilometres from Hervey Bay. The Susan River project web site indicates the ~350,000 solar panels will be either be fixed or mounted on horizontal trackers. Construction of the facility is expected to start in the second quarter of this year and involves a build time of approximately 12 months.

Other Esco PV Projects

Also in the works is Ross River Solar Farm, which should be completed before the end of the year. Located 20 kilometres south of Townsville, the 148MW facility will generate enough clean electricity to power the equivalent of approximately 54,000 homes.

“It is clear that Australian merchant solar remains an attractive opportunity for experienced investors,” said ESCO Pacific managing director and founder Steve Rademaker. “ESCO looks forward to continue bringing jobs and growth to regional Australia through its extensive pipeline of highly advanced projects currently under development.”

The company has also secured planning approvals for three other solar farms – Munna Creek (QLD – 120MW), Rollingstone (QLD – 110MW) and Koberinga (QLD – up to 55MW).

Last month, we reported the company had proposed a 140MW solar farm that may include battery storage for a site near the town of Mulwala in New South Wales.

Also in New South Wales, ESCO’s Finley Solar Farm is awaiting approval. To be located to the west of the township of Finley in the Berrigan Shire Council region, the facility will be up to 170 MW capacity. At that size, it will boast around half a million solar panels. As the project is classified a State Significant Development, the application is being assessed by the NSW Department of Planning.

Henry Sapiecha.”

‘You’re joking’: Maryborough Qld mechanic wins $30k jackpot

WHEN Jonathon Selby got the call from the Channel 7 team, he thought it was a prank from his mate.

But the Maryborough mechanic was in disbelief when he was told he won $30,000 in Sunrise’s Cash Cow on Monday morning.

“You’re joking, right? You’re serious?” He asked the presenters.

“I have a workshop I’m trying to get open… I bought the workshop and I’ve had nothing but problems trying to open it.

“I can’t believe this.”

Mr Selby told the Chronicle the win couldn’t have come at a better time after his partner lost her job last week.


He said the money would help to pay off the credit card as well as getting concreting and a new hoist for his workshop.

“I’m lost for words,” Mr Selby said.

“I have a mate that pranks me all the time, so thought it was him doing a prank at first.

“But I was speechless when I found out it was true.”

Mr Selby was lucky to answer the phone after two quick rings.

In May,2017 a Torquay resident missed out on a $10,000 Cash Cow prize when she did not answer

Henry Sapiecha

Council to vote on Urangan Hervey Bay skyscraper complex in the Fraser Coast

SKYSCRAPER PLANS: Details of the proposed skyscraper development in Urangan.

SKYSCRAPERS in Urangan could soon become a reality.

A development application for two 20 storey buildings in Urangan will be voted on by councillors on Thursday.

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f successful, the green light will be given for Anscape Pty Ltd to start planning for the development of the skyscraper complex.

Council documents outline the construction of two 20 storey buildings, containing a total of 390 units, on the corner of Charlton Esplanade and Boat Harbour Dr.

Plans for about 775 car parks, a swimming pool and a restaurant are also revealed in the application.

SKYSCRAPER PLANS: Details of the proposed skyscraper development in Urangan.Contributed

Deputy mayor George Seymour, who has been vocal in his opposition of the proposed development, said he would be looking at the details “closely.”

“I’m still against it, but we have to vote on the basis whether it meets the requirements of the planning scheme,” Cr Seymour said.

“It has to be approved if it meets the requirements of the planning scheme.”

Cr Seymour said he was opposed to the idea of skyscrapers in a town like Hervey Bay.

“It changes the density and character of towns,” he said.

“You go to areas like the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast and see what happens to the community when you increase the density in terms of traffic.

Henry Sapiecha


I was priveleged enough to be introduced to a lifestyle that would satisfy a peace loving retiree needing a quiet fishing village atmosphere not too far removed from services. My newly found friends Lena & Paul had exposed this quiet paradise as a result of me selling to them a number of lucious exotic fruit trees that they will be planting at their newly acquired house & land property of 800m2 in their new paradise seaside home property. Paul is a musical mystro in the style of the ‘blues era’. Magnificent sound. I know because Lena had played for me sound tracks from Pauls music. PAUL CHEESEMAN MUSIC. His sample tracks will be posted into my site > when available.

In the meantime enjoy the journey into ‘LITTLE NOOSA-MAAROOM QLD FRASER COAST’

Henry Sapiecha