Burrum Chamber of Commerce


Linking Business & the Community


Our AGM at the last meeting in September for the chamber of commerce saw out the past executives and new admin members were elected & appointed with the return of the past president as the head of the group.

Fraser Coast Regional Councilor Dave Dalgliesh chaired the election & appointments after presidents report.

Other councilors past and present were also in attendance. We thank them for that & their show of support

New administration committee panel is at the foot of this letterhead

Various items of interest to the Burrum District residents were brought up and discussed @ its 118th meet..


2…Zoning of Trades & Services land

3…Burrum Town & Lower Thomas St Council land

4…Bendigo Community Bank

5…Powerhouse & Picnic boat ramp area

6…Security cameras

7…Lentils Dam Rd upgrade

8…Triathlon Idea for the district

9…Railway land & Maria Creek

Donations of $50 each was made by the Chamber to the local kindergarten and the prostate cancer cause championed by Councilor Dave Dalgliesh. We are always softies for a great cause..

Court action by an aggrieved member requiring wheelchair access to the earlier venues for the meetings was ruled in our favour to the delight of all other members and the admin team.

Local developers John Turnbull and yours truly were praised by the president past and current for our efforts and real progress in providing some work opportunities and infrastructure for the area by developing Industrial and Trades & Services zonings currently with council.

Town planner from FCRC Mike Ellery was very helpful and informative with responses to some proposed developments in the Howard/Torbanlea region. We thank Gerard O’Connell for assisting in arranging our meeting. Written email responses were obtained within several days on all projects put forward.

Local sporting teams were seeking sponsorship for their matches and owners of Python Jungle Plant Nursery and Licensed Fish Aquacultural Centre at Howard took it upon themselves to sponsor some of the local teams when the secretary outlines the teams requiring sponsorship.

The meeting was well attended with the president of the local progress association also in attendance

Business operators as well as all Burrum citizens are encouraged to become members and attend meetings

*President – Bill Gosewisch *Vice President – Mal Chard *Secretary – Rhonda Davison *Treasurer – Alan Russell

Regards arrowblue3d-to-right *Publicity Officer – Henry Sapiecha


P.O. Box 174 Howard Q4659