22 September 2009

Howard SES sheds – NOW OPEN


Response from council re our posting

The State Emergency building at Howard has not been closed.

The building is ready for use and SES volunteers do not have to go to use facilities in other towns as reported on the Burrum Chamber of Commerce Website.

The council did not place a sign [above?]on the building warning people not to enter the building and that it could not be used until further notice.

Volunteers did have concerns about the safety of an electrical switchboard at the building.

Those fears were allayed after the Council employed an electrician to examine the switchboard as part of a project to rewire the building to install more lights and so it could operate on power from generators in an emergency.

The electrician told the Council that the switchboard had been added to many times and while it was cluttered and messy, it was not dangerous.

The Council resolved to install a new switchboard rather than add more wiring to the circuitry.

A contractor has been appointed to install the new switchboard and, while they have been delayed, the contractor will start as soon installing the new switchboard as they can.

In the meantime the SES can continue to use the building.


Kevin Corcoran
Principal Officer Corporate Communications
Corporate Marketing and Communications
Fraser Coast Regional Council
Telephone: (07) 4197 4500
Mobile: 0409 724 803
Fax: (07) 4197 4455

Our initial posting was as a result of a visit from the recent leader of the SES and an inspection and photos taken of the closure notice and the buildings generally as posted into our site.

No opinion was formed nor any statements made by myself or the chamber outside of the fact that the premises were closed and the members were to go to other locations for meetings etc as stated by the recent SES leader now retired.

Great to see it back on track. WELL DONE.

Saw the lights on again there with some of the lads last night

Received and posted by Henry Sapiecha 23rd Sept 2009