BIKERS CHARITY RUN IN THE FRASER COAST BY THE ULYSSES CLUBMembers of the Fraser Coast Ulysses Club Heather Hagar, Lee Hidden, Clayton Poole, Sharon Bossom, Karen and Tony Sciberras, Jack Frost, Sue Newhall, Lynne Nebel and Dave White will ride from Maryborough to Hervey Bay for charity.

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A SPECTACLE of more than 600 motorbikes, decorated with Christmas cheer, will roar into the Brolga Theatre car park early on Sunday morning.

The Fraser Coast Ulysses Club will hold its annual charity ride from starting in Maryborough at 7.30am and finishing at Kondari Resort in Hervey Bay.

Ride co-ordinator Heather Hagar said entry cost a gold coin donation.

“Anyone who owns a motorbike or three-wheeler is welcome to come along,” Ms Hagar said.

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“We have some great prizes for our raffles and people in both Maryborough and Hervey Bay have been generous with donations.”

Raffle prizes include bike gear from Maryborough’s Motoworx Motorcycles, Fraser Island cruises and tours and vouchers from Under The Gun Tattoo and Piercing.

Ms Hagar said money raised would go to StandBy, which supported people bereaved by suicide and to help the We Care 2 food van.

“Both charities will be catering the event,” she said.

“StandBy will offer coffee, tea and brekkie at the Brolga and We Care 2 will hold a sausage sizzle at the Kondari,” she said.

For raffle tickets can be pre-purchased – phone Heather Hagar on 0404 017 433.

The route

Under police escort from the Maryborough traffic branch, riders will leave the Brolga at 9.30am, travel Lennox St to Woodstock, right onto Saltwater Ck Rd.

They will follow the Maryborough-Hervey Bay Rd, turn left into Tooth St, then right into Martin St and right onto The Esplanade, up to Elizabeth St and finish at the Kondari Resort.

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Fraser Coast Chronicle
Sourced & published by Henry Sapiecha


RARE and dramatic footage of a dingo attacking a swamp wallaby in the surf on Fraser Island has been captured by a ranger-guide hosting a tour.

Fraser Explorer Tours ranger-guide Hayden Webber was taking tourists on a Cool Dingo bus tour last week when he shot the amazing video of the dingo capturing and killing the wallaby in small waves near the shore at Seventy-Five Mile Beach.

“It’s just nature folks,” he told the tour group as they watched the wallaby struggle and try to jump away from the dingo.

“I know it’s not very nice to see folks but that is just life, it’s just nature.”
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Warning: some readers may find the video distressing.

Hayden and his bus load of 33 international passengers from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Korea, Taiwan and the United Kingdom were on the second day of their Cool Dingo tour and were driving just north of The Pinnacles coloured sands about 9.30am on Thursday when Hayden noticed the wallaby in the water.

“I said to my passengers: ‘hey there’s a wallaby in the water’… and they all grabbed their cameras and, as you can imagine, there was lots of excited chatter in the bus,” he said.

“I knew when we stopped, that it was unusual to see the wallaby on the eastern beach – they’re normally found in the swamps on the western side of the island – let alone in the water, so I immediately started scanning the dunes for dingoes… and sure enough an old experienced male came bounding out of the dunes… so I leapt for my camera and let it roll

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“Whilst initially there were gasps from some of the girls in the group about watching this scene unfold, I explained that it may not be all that nice to watch, but that it was just nature in action.

“When we talked about it later that day, everyone said they were glad they had seen the dingo doing what nature intended.

“It’s actually not unheard of to hear about this sort of hunting behaviour – where dingoes shepherd their prey to the water’s edge to make it easier to catch.

“Our fraternity of Fraser Island Tours guides can recall one instance from a long time ago where a similar thing happened – but it is certainly unusual to occur in front of a bus load of passengers.
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“Add to this the fact that I’ve been guiding on Fraser Island for a little over six years and have only seen four wallabies in that time – and you’ll start to appreciate how rare and exciting this was for me.

“I have never seen this before and I never expect to see it again.”

Head ranger Colin Anderson said all Fraser Explorer Tour guides conducted talks on dingoes and dingo behaviour and on the animals of Fraser – including swamp wallabies – so it was fascinating for international guests and friends on social media sites to see normal hunting behaviour in action.

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Fraser Explorer Tours was named a Finalist in last Friday’s Queensland Tourism Awards and conducts one and two-day accommodated tours from Hervey Bay and Rainbow Beach.


Guides also work for the Cool Dingo Tours, aimed at 18 to 35 year olds, from Kingfisher Bay Resort.

Fraser Coast Chronicle



Government beaurocrats move slowly as it has taken them years to see reality.They should be sacked more often in greater numbers as the commercial world has done to its workers. This will let them know that wrong, slow and or bad decisions will have consequences just as in the real world.Somebody in government has moved in the right direction and it has finally happened. They should be recognized and applauded.

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The tour operators are being recognized and appreciated for their real worth to the tourist dollar. In the meantime I just hope that any clowns in the government who have delayed or opposed this initiative have or will be removed from their jobs

Maybe the dragged on talkfests are over by government & self serving groups????

Let’s get on with the Fraser Island Show….>>>

TOURISM operators in national parks such as Fraser Island will soon be able to apply for 30-year leases, with an option for further 30-year renewals.

Story goes that the dept of harbours & marine who hand out the leases in the Urangan harbour government held land have increased the rental of land to commerce in the Hervey Bay harbour presinct to unsustanainable levels where commerce is struggling.
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The ‘fabulous’ Hervey Bay boat club for an example had their rent increased to horrendous levels not that long ago as well as the shops the stores and tourist operators in the urangan harbour complex & area [And they, the council think a name change for the harbour will fix the problem…Ha Ha Ha..] They live in government fairy land.

The kingfisher ‘crew’ went west to River Heads & established a new take off point because they had no choice and took the heart out of the Urangan harbour complex & it’s operators.

The harbour mariner operators also a have a commercial sustainability problem.
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….WE THE PEOPLE.. As the saying goes.

All caused by government bullshit & people in the government system who have never contributed to commerce, had a real job or took any risks with their hard earned money or investments. So they are not perfect…..!!! Nor are we in commerce. At least we here in this country are not run by government dictators & the sun is shining and we are alive and happy healthy and sometimes wise. So I suppose we should be thankful.

Nevertheless the point needs to be made.

Halve the harbour rent [ Yes & change the name if you must] & we will stand a chance to revive the tourist economy of the Fraser Coast area.

Rainbow beach has always had a better environment for ‘escape’ tourists and has now captured the majority of backpacker travellers.



Most of the people in all local governments have very little idea or serious experience of the real commercial world and or are mostly failed representatives of commerce.

National Parks Minister Steve Dickson said this week the government would move to amend the state’s conservation laws to deliver the leases, based on a committment made at major tourism forum Destination Q earlier this year.

Well done Mr Dickson. Perhaps you are a commercial animal after all & see $$$$ reality.

Is this the Steve Dickson from Hervey Bay…???
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“These vital changes will act as a catalyst for strengthening a world-class eco-tourism industry in Queensland, establishing appropriate, environmentally friendly facilities built with natural integration as the most important feature,” he said.

Mr Dickson said the Nature Conservation and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 would also simplify the permit system for pre-existing infrastructure on national park estate land, such as powerlines, water pipelines and telecommunications towers.

Application processing times for leases are expected to be reduced by about 16 weeks once the legislation is passed.

The change is expected to have a major impact on eco-tourism, which is one of the biggest markets on the Fraser Coast.
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Sourced from the local paper & published by Henry Sapiecha