Two large crocodiles were sighted near Beaver Rock-See map below Mary River Maryborough Qld

WILDLIFE officers are continuing their search for two crocodiles lurking in the waters of Maryborough’s Mary River.


Crocodile on river mud bank

After two crocodiles, one 2.5m long and the other a massive 4.5m long, were seen by wildlife officers near Grahams Creek in April this year, the hunt has been on to find the giant reptiles and relocate them further north.

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Men splashed by large crocodile while fishing from a boat in the Mary River Fraser Coast

Croc Sign, Northern Territory

TWO Maryborough men suffered what they believe was a crocodile shock while they were out fishing on the Mary River.

The two men were in a boat at Walkers Point fishing for catfish when the incident happened.

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Fisherman sees several baby crocodiles in the Mary River

croc-warning-sign image

WILDLIFE officers  from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection are investigating after a recreational fisherman reported seeing two small crocodiles in the Mary River.

The two crocodiles, each estimated to be around 40 centimetres in length, were on top of debris drifting with the incoming tide in the middle of the main channel next to Baddow Island.

mary-river-ountry image

The animals disappeared into the water when they were approached.

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Fraser Coast councillors have their say on high-rise development at Urangan in Hervey Bay

hervey-bay-proposed-residential-towers image

TWO councillors have voiced their opposition to building high-rises in Hervey Bay, while others want to wait to consider the development application and how it fits into the town planning scheme before voicing any opinions.

Fraser Coast Deputy Mayor George Seymour said he was against the plans for a 20-storey twin tower development in Urangan, which he described as a massive increase in density and not how the community wanted Hervey Bay to develop.

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