Passing Motorist views crocodile attacking & dragging cow into the Mary River

mary-river-croc-sighting-location-maryborough image

The Mary River where the crocodile was spotted attacking the cow.

A SHOCKED motorist has spotted a cow being dragged into the Mary River by a crocodile at Maryborough.Qld.

The incident happened yesterday as the woman drove across the Henry Palmer Bridge into Maryborough.

The woman, who asked not to be named, said she saw the cow on its side near the bridge and then saw the crocodile attacking it.

She said she would report the incident to the Department of Heritage and Protection.

“It was amazing to see,” she said.

The woman said she could not tell how big the crocodile was from what she had seen.

The sighting comes just weeks after wildlife rangers were on the lookout for a crocodile spotted in Tooan Tooan Creek on Hervey Bay’s Charlton Esplanade.

A spokesperson from the EHP said while the sighting could not be immediately confirmed, the warning signs were erected, but removed after 7 days.

In April two crocodiles, including one larger than a huge 4.5 metres, were spotted by staff from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

In 2015, a crocodile was captured on film near Petrie Creek at Tiaro by a Landcare group monitoring turtles.


Henry Sapiecha