Crocodile sighted three times around a Fraser Coast wharf

A CROCODILE has been spotted several times underneath a Fraser Coast wharf this month.

A spokeswoman from the Department of Environment and Science said a number of sightings had been reported regarding a crocodile seen at Little Tuan Creek under the wharf near Eckert St at Boonooroo.

The reptile has reportedly been seen on March 4, March 12 and March 16.

“On the three occasions the animal was not behaving in an aggressive or otherwise dangerous manner,” the spokeswoman said.

The reptile is estimated to be approx 2.5 metres long, but that information had not been substantiated by the department.

Warning signs have been placed in the area, with wildlife officers investigating during the day on March 13 and doing a night spotlight patrol of the river.

No evidence of crocodile activity was discovered.

Staff are currently investigating the most recent sighting on March 16.

Crocodiles south of the Boyne River are targeted for removal.

Henry Sapiecha