Maryborough High School Students to build, develop drones Fraser Coast Queensland Australia

THERE are about 50,000 drones flying in Australian skies at any one given time, according to Andrew Bradshaw, and as of July Maryborough Fraser Coast Qld students will just add to that growing number.


FLYING HIGH: Autonomous Technology CEO Andrew Bradshaw, Bruce Bell of Skills Generation and Graeme Nagle of Osprey Imagery with Head of Technology at MSHS Gavin Grantz and one of the drones that students will build and learn to fly from July 2018.Alistair Brightman


Maryborough State High School is partnering with Autonomous Technology to deliver a  great new programme for senior Fraser Coast Qld high school students.

Students have the opportunity to commence a Certificate II in Engineering Pathways in Year 10 which would lead them to a Certificate III in Aviation by the middle of Year 12.

Within the programme, students will get to learn how to design, build and operate drones with a CASA-Approved Commercial Pilot License.

Mr Bradshaw, CEO of of Autonomous Technology said in 2019, the students would develop and print drone pieces on 3D printers.

Each student will receive their own individual drone kit which they will use to build and will also have theory-based lessons to learn laws and regulations about the use of drones. MSHS Head of Technology Gavin Grantz said the introduced curriculum was an “exciting time”.

“It’s a gateway to a particular group of students to head down and it’s something we haven’t catered for before,” Mr Grantz said.

“It fits well with what we do and where we’re headed and the couple of students I’ve spoken to can’t wait.”

MSHS principal Simon Done said the curriculum could assist with youth unemployment. “If you’re looking at youth unemployment and youth capacity to be able to go into an industry where there’s a significant shortfall of qualified people, we have the opportunity to provide that industry (with) local workers,” he said.

“The idea of looking at a significant growth industry and being able to do that locally, that’s just too appealing to bypass.”

Earlier this year, the school was one of just a few in the North School region to introduce the new national Digital Technologies Curriculum, involving I T coding.


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