Ninth Irukandji jelly fish sting on Fraser Island Fraser Coast Queensland Australia

Ninth Irukandji sting on Fraser Island

A SNORKELLER is in hospital after the ninth suspected Irukandji jellyfish sting at Queensland’s Fraser Island in just over a week.

The 19-year-old man was stung on the lip while swimming in Coongul Creek on the western side of the island about 11am on Tuesday.

He was treated at the scene by paramedics before being flown to Bundaberg Base Hospital.

Paramedic Phillip Switzer said the man didn’t see the jellyfish but experienced severe nausea, vomiting and pain within 10 minutes of being stung. The incident is the ninth suspected Irukandji sting at Fraser Island since December 22, with the venomous jellyfish positively identified as being responsible for at least one of the incidents.

Mr Switzer said all nine cases had happened on the western side of the island in its calmer and warmer waters.

“We have no evidence to say they are or are not Irukandji,” Mr Switzer said. “There are certainly jellyfish floating but no one’s actually caught one so we can’t disprove that they’re not Irukandji or a jellyfish in the same family that produced the symptoms of an Irukandji jellyfish.” Eight people were treated at Fraser Island for Irukandji-like symptoms in 2015, Mr Switzer said.

The Irukandji — the world’s smallest jellyfish — is usually found in waters north of Mackay, about 700km further up the coast.

But reported this week that the deadly jellyfish are on a southern invasion to warmer waters.

Scientists predict the jellyfish, of which there are at least eight species, will reach the Sunshine Coast within the next two decades.

Victims initially experience severe nausea, followed by multiple bouts of vomiting, pain that normally begins in the back and radiates up the neck to the chest and abdominal cavity, leg pain and cramping.

Mr Switzer said anyone believed to have been stung by one should treat the sting with vinegar and call triple-0.


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Fraser Coast councillors have their say on high-rise development at Urangan in Hervey Bay

hervey-bay-proposed-residential-towers image

TWO councillors have voiced their opposition to building high-rises in Hervey Bay, while others want to wait to consider the development application and how it fits into the town planning scheme before voicing any opinions.

Fraser Coast Deputy Mayor George Seymour said he was against the plans for a 20-storey twin tower development in Urangan, which he described as a massive increase in density and not how the community wanted Hervey Bay to develop.

Division 1 councillor James Hansen agreed, saying it would change the character of Hervey Bay forever and for the worse, in his opinion.

Councillor Denis Chapman voiced his support for the project, saying it was crucial for the region to continue building infrastructure, which would lead to population growth and jobs.

“I think it’s great for our region,” he said.

“It’s the way of the future.”

He said in order to hold on to green space in the area, it was necessary to consider options like high rises, which would allow for housing while minimising the region’s urban footprint.

Councillor David Lewis said he was not generally in favour of 20-storey development in Hervey Bay, but as the previous council had amended the planning scheme to allow such developments, there may be little the council could do to refuse the application.

“It is entitled to be assessed on its merits in accordance with the scheme,” he said.

Mr Lewis said he felt a 20- storey development would significantly and irrevocably alter the character of the city and its shoreline.

“Previous councils had a policy of trying to limit buildings to no higher than the tree line,” he said.

“In part this took into account the view from the beaches and the sea.

“I think that was a good policy.”

Councillor Paul Truscott said the planning scheme specifically supported this type of development.

“I will consider the development on its merits when it is presented to full council,” he said.

Councillor Darren Everard said he also needed time to consider the application before voicing an opinion, while councillor Rolf Light said it would be inappropriate to make a comment before considering all the facts and whether the development met the criteria in the current town planning scheme.

Councillors Anne Maddern, Daniel Sanderson, Stuart Taylor and Mayor Chris Loft were contacted, but had not responded at the time of going to print.

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Editors Note

**This is a great opportunity for us Fraser Coast residents to join the real world & get jobs & prosperity for the region.Not only in construction but thereafter with servicing the development & its occupants.We have many kilometres of beach shoreline in the Fraser Coast Region and just a tiny portion of that allocated for such a development is a pittance of a price to pay for the good it will do & bring to the community. Most of us are getting tired of this region being branded as one of the most unemployed regions in the nation.

The quicker this and similar developments take shape the better but in a controlled and well planned manner.


Water from Colton Mine will “improve Mary River” says New Hope Coal

coal-miners-underground image

The proposed open-cut Colton coal mine is facing a legal challenge in the Queensland Land Court in Brisbane.

Community group Aldershot and District Against Mining has objected to the mine based on dust and noise concerns as well as Colton’s proposal to discharge water into the Mary River.

But Colton lawyer Damien O’Brien told the court the proposed water discharge was not involved in the mining process and was “chemically benign”.

Mr O’Brien said the discharge could help offset water released from an upstream sewage treatment plant.
“It’s actually of a cleaner standard than the water in the Mary River,” Mr O’Brien said.

He said the water was runoff collected from the mine and stored in a different dam than any water used in the mining process.

Mr O’Brien said experts from Colton and ADAM agreed on noise and dust restrictions – except for the possibility of real-time noise monitoring.

The hearing is expected to finish later this week.


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EARLIER: Controversial New Hope Coal project dragged into court

A PROPOSED Fraser  Coast coal mine will be the focal point of a Brisbane court hearing today.

The  Land Court this morning will start hearing arguments in the legal challenge against the proposed Colton open-cut coal mine near Maryborough.

Aldershot and District Against Mining Group will argue the New Hope Coal project could put the Great Sandy Strait at risk if it is allowed to go ahead with plans to discharge untreated waste water from the mine into the Mary River.

The group will argue drinking water could be tainted, there will be excess noise from the mine and  coal dust could also be a major issue for the residents of Aldershot.

The proposed mine is about 2km outside the village.


powerballs image

Grandparents win $70 million

A Queensland couple plan on taking some holidays and helping out family and charity after winning a record Powerball first division prize of $70 million.

Winning the odd “chook raffle” was memorable enough for a humble set of grandparents from Hervey Bay in Queensland.

But now, the couple are pondering what to do with a considerably larger nest egg, after walking away with the staggering $70 million jackpot in Thursday night’s Powerball draw, the largest win on a single ticket in Powerball history.



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-Master plan for $500m Mary Harbour in Granville Maryborough Qld project lodged by MSF sugar

An aerial photo showing the location of the proposed Mary Harbour residential development by MSF Sugar.

MSF Sugar is closer to realising its $500 million Mary Harbour project at Maryborough after lodging the master plan development application on Thursday with Fraser Coast Regional Council.

The milestone for Maryborough’s largest ever master planned community is the culmination of many years of planning by MSF.

MSF chief executive Mike Barry said the project would be a key player in driving and stimulating Maryborough’s economic growth during the development period by creating significant direct and indirect employment.

Mary Harbour project a step closer to going ahead

He said the company was exploring all options for the project’s 10-to-12-year development phase, including working with a joint-venture partner.

“We have a very open-minded approach as to how that phase of Mary Harbour will unfold,” Mr Barry said.

“It’s a massive project that lends itself to a number of scenarios which are all on the table.

“We feel the timing is ideal in light of the general improvement in the property market and continued growth in the Fraser Coast Region.”

The development of the Mary Harbour site is part of MSF’s long-term strategy to fully utilise selected properties within its property portfolio.

New acquisitions by MSF since the announcement of the project have increased the company’s sugarcane land bank, replacing the Mary Harbour land five times over.

He said Mary Harbour was a 21st century lifestyle development set to house more than 4000 people in a diverse range of housing types with facilities structured around boating and water recreation.

It will take shape on a 177 hectare site boasting almost 2km frontage to the Mary River.

There will be more than 1800 dwellings with lot sizes ranging from 250sqm to 650sqm and housing types ranging from single dwelling/duplex to medium density and aged housing-style accommodation.

Mary Harbour’s centrepiece will be the man-made harbour with a 300-berth marina, waterfront boardwalks, village centre, extensive pedestrian and cycle path network and a significant flood and stormwater plain, including lakes and spillway.

A four-star 100-room resort style hotel is proposed on the harbour’s headland along with conference facilities.

Mr Barry said the Mary Harbour master plan had been conceived in architectural, urban and landscape design terms as a “quintessential” place that projects a community image and a waterfront lifestyle of the highest quality.

“It will adopt a development concept accommodating people from different walks of life with various demographic profiles,” he said.

He said MSF was hoping to have an approval by end of the year.


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Woman learns not to bring a cattle prod to a taser fight




HOWARD police say they tasered a man who assaulted police in a shock-weapon stand-off involving a woman armed with a cattle prod at Torbanlea.

Police said a routine task “turned to custard” when they attended to speak to the occupants of a house who had allegedly moved back in since it was repossessed in October.


Sergeant Martin Slack said two police officers had attended to make inquiries about 9.15am on Tuesday, but when the situation escalated to threats and violence, a stand-off developed and a Howard police officer used his taser on the 34-year-old man.

The Torbanlea man and his 31-year-old female partner were arrested.

He was charged with assault on police, trespassing and obstructing police.

The woman was charged with serious assault on a police officer, trespassing and obstructing police.

Both have been given notice to appear at Maryborough Magistrates Court on November 26.

“No one was injured in the incident,” a spokesman for the Howard police said.

Sgt Slack said the taser was used to create an opportunity for officers to restrain the person.

“It stops the person from being able to lash out,” he said.

An earlier version of this story incorrectly said the man was armed with the cattle prod.

  14th  November 2013

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The Torbanlea Taser & cattleprod Saga unfolds as the perpetrators say they are the victims.

Watch out soon for the other sides version of what happened >>




WITH an explosive force that tore an entire wall off her home, Ann Roberts was thrown against her bedroom wall by the tornado that struck in the early hours of Sunday.

“We’ve been here for 18 years…I’ve never seen anything like it,” she said.

“It was frightening.”
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Mrs Roberts was in bed with her husband, Barry, when the worst of ex-cyclone Oswald hit Burrum Heads.

She said she had just got out of bed when the windows smashed, sending glass everywhere – including one large shard that embedded itself deeply into the wall just above their bed.

“I go thrown back so hard… it was like an explosion,” Mrs Roberts said.

Along with the extensive damage to their home, Barry said their boat and campervan were also damaged in the storm.

Their story was echoed by many other residents of Burrum Heads on Monday.

Next door, Kevin and Gay Parr also had glass shatter throughout their home.

They said the tornado happened so quickly there was nothing they could do to prepare for it, before it moved on in a narrow path of destruction towards the Hillcrest Caravan Park.
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Some 1500 properties lost power and dozens suffered serious damage such as roofs or walls being torn off by the strong winds.

A number of vehicles and boats were also damaged, with witnesses telling the Chronicle at least three boats were sunk during the storm, including a large local fishing trawler.

Huge trees were snapped in half like twigs and sheets of metal flew through the air until they found something to lodge into.

It was a night Ann will never forget and nor will the rest of Burrum Heads.

The Gifted Man

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Commercial premises were left with serious damage after a fire broke out in William St, Howard cafe complex  the Fraser Coast Qld about 7.50pm on Sunday.

Authorities were alerted by 000 caller reporting they had seen flames coming from the buildings and that they had heard some kind of explosion.

It took two hours for firefighters to extinguish the blaze in Howard.
It took two hours for firefighters to extinguish the blaze in Howard. Contributed

Crews from the Maryborough fire station were first on the scene, followed by crews from Childers, Craignish and members of the Howard rural fire brigade.

The firefighters had to enter one shop wearing breathing apparatus in order to locate and remove gas cylinders which were inside the property.
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It took two hours for firefighters to extinguish the blaze.

The stores affected included the Coalfield Cafe, a veterinary surgery and a home brew store.

The fire is believed to have started in one shop and spread to the others but investigations are still underway to determine the cause of the blaze and where it started.

All three stores have been affected by fire and smoke damage. - Compare Health Insurance Policies

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Torbanlea annual picnic races 2012 Fraser Coast is set to be the biggest ever.

TORBANLEA’S annual picnic races are set to become one of the biggest events of their type in Australia.

The organising committee is re-energising the event and will put up one of the country’s richest picnic race prizes.

This year’s meeting on Saturday, October 20, will feature the Torbanlea Gold Rush Cup, offering $15,000 prizemoney.

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An exclusive field of 25 horses will be invited to compete down a straight, 500-metre course.

Torbanlea Picnic Races chairman Mal Chard said the time had come for a more professional approach to what had started out as a small community picnic meeting.

“We were swamped by supporters last year and the event buckled under the pressure; we just couldn’t continue to try and do things the old ways,” Mr Chard said. “In offering big prizemoney, we are hoping we will attract quality horses from through Queensland and Northern NSW to Torbanlea.”
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Calls from owners have been received from as far afield as Mareeba in far north Queensland.

He said the successful corporate tent area has been scaled back to 400 guests with a view to doing things right and giving every guest a great experience.

“Once again, we haven’t advertised the corporate offer but already more than half the 40 available tables have been locked away,” Mr Chard said. “All we need is good weather and this event will again deliver much-needed funds to many Torbanlea and Burrum community groups.”

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Those wishing to enter a horse in the Torbanlea Gold Rush should phone John Charlton on 0428 842 197 or 4129 9004. Nominations are $20 while the final acceptance fee is $180. Torbanlea is 20 minutes from Maryborough and Hervey Bay.

Sourced from the local paper & published by Henry Sapiecha


The local Independent newspaper had had a story in their paper the other day,A John Deere mower to now have a home at the Torbanlea racetrack reserve.

Picture of the boys is here below compliments of the paper.

Council persons Graham Osmond & Don Woodhouse go over the tech bits of the mower with local Torbanlea lads Andrew Adams, Nev Kindelan & Ronnie Davidson

Sourced & published by Henry Sapiecha