The event is on October 22nd starting 10am on that Saturday.

Corporate support is well on track with around 500 supporters to be there in that area alone.

Helicopter joy flights will be on between races & the Miners Arms hotel will launch the event at 2pm on the same day.

More to come here in the next few days. This years event promises to be the best ever yet, so be there to enjoy the festivities.

Enquiries & ticket purchases should be directed to  >>>

Edith Rutherford     M-0409609971
Champion Picks

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We have plenty of  land here for a major airport, industrial estates, transport terminals, electric trains & station, highway access, skilled available workforce, water supply, electric power, national broadband connection availability, short distance to beaches and more than adequate community services & facilities

One proposal I have suggested also was to have a huge ‘container terminal’ here to take some of the pressure from the Brisbane wharves. This would be serviced by the existing but upgraded rail & highway network in shifting the containers from the Brisbane wharves as they arrive there to here where they can be stored and dispersed from here to various locations around the state of Queensland.

I have access to corporations that will assist in putting together such a development given that this proposal is now possible. We need however to commission a report investigating the initiative.With the local & state governments co-operating and funding such a report, one can confidently march forward towards a prosperous future for our region

A great start is a local Fraser Coast central trades & services project that requires some support to kick start the proposal. Refer link below.

**Refer the Fraser Coast council press release below

Council advocates for a service corridor

16 September 2011

The Fraser Coast Regional Council has called for the State Government to recognise the Fraser Coast and Wide Bay Burnett as a service corridor under plans to promote regional Queensland.

The push was contained in the Council’s response on the draft Queensland Regionalisation Strategy and draft Queensland Infrastructure Plan.

“The Fraser Coast and Wide Bay Burnett should be recognised as a service corridor to the developing gas and mining sectors next door,” Fraser Coast Mayor Mick Kruger said.

The draft plans indicate that services account for at least 20% of the Queensland economy but fail to recognise the Fraser Coast and Wide Bay and Burnett in maps outlining Queensland’s economic zones. (See purple area to be added to map from planning document.)

“The map shows our region as a white void,” Cr Kruger said.

“Our submission on the draft documents includes support from Wide Bay Burnett Mayors, the Regional Development Authority, the Urban Development Institute of Australia – Wide Bay and all chambers of commerce  – for our region to be included as a service corridor to the growing resource sectors to the west and north.

“The Fraser Coast is more than just a tourism destination.  It is ideally positioned at the gateway to the gas and energy sectors so our skilled trades, manufacturing and service industries will have an important role in the development of the resource sector.

“Recognition of the Fraser Coast as a service centre will focus attention on our ability to provide equipment, logistics, fully serviced and affordable industrial land, land for homes as well as workers.

“It will also focus government attention on the need to fund infrastructure here so we are ready to meet the demand for new homes and industries to expand.

“The support of regional stakeholders to this proposal is strong and we urge the State to recognise the economic opportunities for the Wide Bay Burnett in these strategic plans that will guide future infrastructure investment and development of the state.”

The Council submissions on the Queensland Regionalisation Strategy and Queensland Infrastructure Plan have been lodged with the State Government as part of the community consultation process.  Outcomes are expected later this year.

Hosting OZ = Business Class Web Hosting - Monthly Commission

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Hi Members Burrum Chamber of Commerce,

A friendly reminder that FCRC CEO Lisa Desmond will be attending our meeting on Monday Night.
Hope to see you all there!

Donna Gibson
Burrum Chamber of Commerce

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20 January 2011
Have your say on proposed new Local Laws

The proposed Local Laws for the Fraser Coast are not set in concrete, Fraser Coast Mayor Mick Kruger said.
“The Council wants residents to have a look at the proposed new local laws and let us
know what they think – especially if they think there should be changes.”
“Just because the proposed new local laws are on public display it does not mean that
they have been adopted.
“If residents think there should be a change then they should make a submission.
Submissions can be made in writing or on-line from the Council website.
The local laws and subordinate laws local laws set out how Council will deal with
everyday issues such as conducting meetings, animal management, reserves, facilities, roads and parking.
“We will replace 81 existing local laws and 81 subordinate local laws developed by our predecessor councils with six Local Laws,” Cr Kruger said.
“Council used model local laws developed by the state government in 2009 as the
starting point to develop the local laws that are on display.”
Copies of the local laws and subordinate local laws are available from Council’s libraries and Customer Service Centres in Tiaro, Maryborough and Hervey Bay or can be downloaded from the Council’s webpage
Written submissions on the local laws and subordinate local laws will be accepted until Friday, February 25 and should be addressed to the Local Laws Review 2011.
Public meetings to go through the local laws will be held across the region in January andFebruary.

Meetings will be held at:

Day Date Time Hall Location

1…Monday 31/01/11     2 – 4pm   City Hall Kent Street, Maryborough   6 – 8pm

2…Tuesday 1/02/11   2 – 4pm
USQ – B Block Lecture Theatre
Room B104, Old Maryborough Road,
Hervey Bay (park in Library Carpark) 6 – 8pm

3…Wednesday 2/02/11 6 – 8pm Glenwood Hall Pepper Road, Glenwood

4…Thursday 3/02/11 6 – 8pm Boonooroo Hall Eckert Road, Boonooroo

5…Friday 4/02/11 6 – 8pm Burrum District Community Centre 56 Steley Street, Howard

6…Monday 7/02/11 6 – 8pm Teebar Hall Teebar Hall Road, Teebar

7…Tuesday 8/02/11 6 – 8pm Tiaro Memorial Hall Mayne Street, Tiaro

8…Wednesday 9/02/11 6 – 8pm River Heads Hall 54 Ariadne Street, River Heads

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Mobile phone with Optus reception in Fraser Coast hinterland areas to improve.

Are these towers safe? What do you think?

The location is between Torbanlea and Howard on the main road.

At what price better mobile phone reception?

Some pics below.



Story & pics by Henry Sapiecha


Watch these spaces and see them bloom
Remember to visit Queens Park Maryborough on Remembrance Day (11 November) because Council parks staff are predicting it will be awash with floral colour following extensive planting of annuals in September.

Team leader Marshall Nuttall said staff have planted petunias, cockscomb and celosia in the Judges’ Walk and fairy fountain beds and yellow and orange marigolds around the cenotaph.

“Once the plants are in full flower we can expect a few months of wonderful colour in this top section of the park,” he said.

Council parks staff have also drained and cleaned the Queens Park pond and thinned and pruned the plants in and around the pond.

Summer blooming in the Elizabeth Park Rose Gardens in Kent Street is also expected to be spectacular this summer.

The rose plants were cut right back in July to encourage vigorous growth, the beds were freshly mulched and new name plaques were installed on recycled plastic posts.

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Message from the CEO Fraser Coast Regional Council Queensland Australia

Economic Development continues to remain a major focus for the Fraser Coast Regional Council.
Following changes to its organisational structure last year, the Council appointed Kim Roberts as the Executive Manager Strategic Integration to help boost the focus on economic development.
Mr Roberts has built a five-member team comprised of the Major Projects Team, Sustainability Project Officer, Manager of Economic Development and an Administration Support Officer to spearhead economic development.
In addition the entire Executive Management Team will be involved in the major economic development activities of Council.
Our former Manager of Economic Development Andrew Jackson has recently left to take up a position with the North Burnett Regional Council. He will be missed but the vacant position will be filled.
These changes will help ensure that the Council can respond quickly to new opportunities and has the necessary experienced staff to progress projects as they arise.
We are serious about economic development and are determined to provide an environment for sustainable business opportunities.

Andrew Brien, CEO, Fraser Coast Regional Council

New residents continue to flock to the Fraser Coast
Population growth on the Fraser Coast is outstripping the state’s average by close to one percent, cementing the region’s reputation as one of Queensland’s most desirable locations to live, work and play.
Fraser Coast Mayor Mick Kruger said he was pleased to see that the region was still at the forefront in terms of growth.
“That equates to jobs, business growth and opportunities for the region and that is definitely good news in these difficult economic times.”
Treasurer and Regional Planning Minister for the Wide Bay Burnett Andrew Fraser announced the figures saying a report – Population growth highlights and trends Queensland 2010 – showed the Fraser Coast was Queensland’s second-fastest growing local government area in 2008-09 outside south-east Queensland with a growth rate of 3.6 per cent.
“The Fraser Coast continues to perform well in the population stakes, attracting 3,500 people in the year to June 2009,” Mr Fraser said. “While growth over 2008-09 was a little more subdued than the 3.8 per cent average annual growth seen in the five years between 2001-2006, what’s clear is that the Fraser Coast is one of the most attractive regions in our state.”
Population growth highlights and trends Queensland 2010 is now available on the Office of Economic and Statistical Research website

You’re invited to have a chat with your Councillors
The community briefings held by the Fraser Coast Regional Council are changing.
Fraser Coast Mayor Mick Kruger said the briefings had proved very popular, especially in the smaller communities but they have now been rebranded as less formal Community Chats.
He said he considered the chats a great opportunity for residents to share their thoughts with Councillors and senior Council staff.
The first of the new format Community Chats will be held at 10am in the Broweena Historical Society Museum on September 28.
A full list of venues and times and the questions and answers from the July 2010 community briefing at Maryborough City Hall on 27 July 2010 are available on the Council’s website

Fraser Coast -2031 – we know what we want for our future
Kirsty Mackay won two nights accomodation at Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island for sending in her thoughts on how she wants the Fraser Coast to look and be in 20 years time.
Fraser Coast 2031 Have Your Say was community consultation at its best says Fraser Coast Mayor Mick Kruger. “We are very pleased with the response and it is reasuring that so many of our residents are thinking about their environment and living conditions and what they want for the region and for their children in the future,” he said.
The survey asked what characteristics of the Fraser Coast people liked, what needed improving, challenges for the region and other questions that would help the Council determine a way forward for the region.
“I thank all those who sent in their views for this survey. The results are now being assessed and the findings will be published as soon as possible,” Cr Kruger said.

Push to stamp out cyber bullying
Fraser Coast youth worker Annette Hammond (left, with former Junior Councillor Tegan Hodgson, centre, and Councillor Belinda McNeven, right) is leading the Fraser Coast Cyber Safety Project which aims to work with children who have been the victims of cyber bullying or could become cyber bullies. The project is an initiative of the Fraser Coast Youth Crime Prevention Program which is funded by the Department of Communities and builds on work already undertaken by the Education Hervey Bay Cyber Safety Project Group. Ms Hammond plans to develop strategies to help parents and youths combat the growing problem.

Council measures its footprint
The Council has engaged Planet Footprint’s Environmental Scorekeeping Services to capture, analyse and report on Council’s greenhouse gas emissions for the 2009/10 and 2010/11 financial years. The move follows the completion of a ‘snapshot’ audit of Council’s greenhouse gas emitting facilities and activities in 2008/09. Data will be collected on Council’s electricity consumption, fuel use and waste management to determine greenhouse gas emissions. The service will also provide the opportunity for Council to benchmark it’s environmental performance against other similar sized Councils and assist in identifying areas to optimise efficiency, set strategies and meet targets outlined by Council’s Corporate Plan.

Friends of the Gallery bus trips
Hervey Bay Friends of the Gallery have two bus trips before the end of the year –
Sunday 10 October: To the Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, for Valentino, Retrospective: Past/Present/Future. Exclusive to Brisbane, this major exhibition explores the work of celebrated Italian fashion house Valentino, known around the world for its sophisticated, timeless design and glamorous clientele. $56.
Sunday 21 November: Shopping jaunt to beautiful Montville on the Sunshine Coast hinterland (cost to be confirmed). Now an annual event, the day trip is a great chance to pick up some gorgeous Christmas presents from the many art, craft and gift shops in this quaint township.
For more information contact the Hervey Bay Regional Gallery on 4197 4210.

Help Council support Angel Flight
Every year Angel Flight volunteers fly hundreds of people from rural and regional Queensland to medical treatment centres. From October 17 to 23 a Fraser Coast Regional Council team led by CEO Andrew Brien will join other teams in the Outback Trailblazer fundraising rally across outback Queensland. Team members will take annual leave and will pay all their own expenses but need to raise sponsorship for the minimum $4000 donation to Angel Flight and the cost of fuel. The more money raised, the bigger the donation to Angel Flight. A range of sponsorship packages from $100 to $1000 that offer advertising on the rally vehicle is available from Sponsorship Co-ordinator Kevin Corcoran More …

Bruce Highway pedestrian and cycle overpass opened
Pedestrians and cyclists can now cross the Bruce Highway near Maryborough safely thanks to a $1.6 million overpass that was opened by Fraser Coast Mayor Mick Kruger (left) on Thursday 9 September.
The three-metre wide enclosed overpass provides safe passage between the city of Maryborough on the eastern side and TAFE, Riverside Christian College, the railway station and residential developments in Maryborough West. The project, which is part of the Council’s Maryborough Walk and Cycle Strategy, attracted a 50% subsidy from the Queensland Government’s TIDS SafeST road funding program. The project included 1100 metres of new footpaths to link the overpass with mearby schools and community groups.

Enjoy improvements in your parks
Several parks projects have recently been completed or will soon be under way with funding from the Federal Government’s Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Program (RLCIP). The program provides economic stimulus through the construction of capital works. The projects include –

-Bike racks at Organ Park, in Bill Fraser Park adjacent to the Hervey Bay Sailing Club car park, next to the community tennis courts in Torquay, Pier Park, Lions Park at Burrum Heads and the All Abilities Playground;
-Drinking fountains at the All Abilities Playground and Pier Park;
-The replacement of exercise equipment near the tennis courts on the Hervey Bay Esplanade;
-Shade shelters over seats in four locations along Hervey Bay’s Mobility Links Corridor;
-A new barbecue and covering shelter at Gatakers Bay Park to replace the barbecue that was removed recently. This will be additional to the existing shelter.

Other projects funded from the Council’s capital program include –
-A fence at the Organ Park playground to provide improved safety for families.
-A new seat at the Shelly Beach Reserve with landscaping and garden mulching.

What’s on
7 September to 31 September Exhibition by Ben Gerdsen: Beyond Decorative Gatakers Artspace, Maryborough
8 September to 30 October Exhibition by Christine Turner: Suburban Goddess Gatakers Artspace, Maryborough
9 September to 31 September Exhibition by Cezary Stulgis: Sculpted works Gatakers Artspace, Maryborough
24 September Exhibition opening – Wide Bay Potters Association: Collective 35 and John Winch: A Personal Odyssey Revisited 6pm Hervey Bay Regional Gallery
28 September Fraser Coast Regional Council Community Chat. Come and meet your Councillors and senior Council staff. All welcome 10am Brooweena Historical Village
1 October Exhibition opening – Jorge Pujol: Epilogue 6.30pm Gatakers Artspace, Maryborough
3 October Mudskippers Club workshop on story writing with writer and performer Kerrie Marshall 1-3pm Hervey Bay Regional Gallery
6 October FCRC Infrastructure and Environment Committee meeting Hervey Bay Council Chamber
9 October Maryborough Youth Choir concert 4pm $5 Adults, $3 Children/Concession, $15 Family CityHall, Maryborough
13 October Fraser Coast Regional Council Ordinary Meeting at 9.30am followed by Community and Development Committee meeting Hervey Bay Council Chamber
16 October Mudskippers Club workshop on cartooning/illustration with artist Sarah Mitchell Hervey Bay Regional Gallery

More Fraser Coast events …

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It’s that time again! Thought I should give you as much notice as possible…

Planning for the annual Torbanlea Picnic Races on Saturday October 16 is well underway. This year, like 2009, Wide Bay Rural Weekly is a major media partner, and will feature the event over a 3 week series, maximizing promotion, especially to encourage bus bookings, camp site bookings, and all those people who prepare for Fashion of the Field.

The biggest advantage of featuring the event in Wide Bay Rural Weekly, apart from the hugely discounted rates on offer, is the insertion of Wide Bay Rural Weekly into Bundaberg’s NewsMail, Fraser Coast Chronicle and Gympie Times, which provides virtually triple the coverage.

This year the event is likely to be bigger than ever, bus bookings already, campsites and stalls booked already, folk from as far as New Zealand enquiring, and now even Corporate Marquee bookings available for groups 10, 20, 40 and more.

We invite you to consider participation, promote your message and support Torbanlea’s biggest fundraiser of the year. I look forward to opportunity to discuss this with you, and will follow up with a phone call in the next few days.

Should you have any query please feel free to contact me at your earliest opportunity.

  1. Bus bookings with Wide Bay Transit and G & D Ross Bus Charters
  2. Campsite bookings
  3. Entries for Fashion of the Field
  4. Team entries for the Team Tug of War event
  5. Riders and horses nominating for events
  6. The newest addition…..corporate tables and marquee bookings…groups of 10, 20 , 40, 50 or more can prebook to have a set place ready for their group, in the shade of a marquee, with table and chairs and includes the gate entry….for just $25 per head…and it’s all set up and cleaned up for you….

For event details folk can email and for participation in the promotion, and program, supporting this major fundraiser email

We look forward to your bookings and seeing everyone on the day…

Cheers for now,

Edith Rutherford



Mobile: 0409 609 971

PO Box 100 Childers 4660

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