Fraser Coast councillors have their say on high-rise development at Urangan in Hervey Bay

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TWO councillors have voiced their opposition to building high-rises in Hervey Bay, while others want to wait to consider the development application and how it fits into the town planning scheme before voicing any opinions.

Fraser Coast Deputy Mayor George Seymour said he was against the plans for a 20-storey twin tower development in Urangan, which he described as a massive increase in density and not how the community wanted Hervey Bay to develop.

Division 1 councillor James Hansen agreed, saying it would change the character of Hervey Bay forever and for the worse, in his opinion.

Councillor Denis Chapman voiced his support for the project, saying it was crucial for the region to continue building infrastructure, which would lead to population growth and jobs.

“I think it’s great for our region,” he said.

“It’s the way of the future.”

He said in order to hold on to green space in the area, it was necessary to consider options like high rises, which would allow for housing while minimising the region’s urban footprint.

Councillor David Lewis said he was not generally in favour of 20-storey development in Hervey Bay, but as the previous council had amended the planning scheme to allow such developments, there may be little the council could do to refuse the application.

“It is entitled to be assessed on its merits in accordance with the scheme,” he said.

Mr Lewis said he felt a 20- storey development would significantly and irrevocably alter the character of the city and its shoreline.

“Previous councils had a policy of trying to limit buildings to no higher than the tree line,” he said.

“In part this took into account the view from the beaches and the sea.

“I think that was a good policy.”

Councillor Paul Truscott said the planning scheme specifically supported this type of development.

“I will consider the development on its merits when it is presented to full council,” he said.

Councillor Darren Everard said he also needed time to consider the application before voicing an opinion, while councillor Rolf Light said it would be inappropriate to make a comment before considering all the facts and whether the development met the criteria in the current town planning scheme.

Councillors Anne Maddern, Daniel Sanderson, Stuart Taylor and Mayor Chris Loft were contacted, but had not responded at the time of going to print.

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Henry Sapiecha

Editors Note

**This is a great opportunity for us Fraser Coast residents to join the real world & get jobs & prosperity for the region.Not only in construction but thereafter with servicing the development & its occupants.We have many kilometres of beach shoreline in the Fraser Coast Region and just a tiny portion of that allocated for such a development is a pittance of a price to pay for the good it will do & bring to the community. Most of us are getting tired of this region being branded as one of the most unemployed regions in the nation.

The quicker this and similar developments take shape the better but in a controlled and well planned manner.




The draft Fraser Coast Planning Scheme is now open for public comment.

Submissions close at 4.45pm on Friday, 12 April 2013.

The draft Fraser Coast Planning Scheme will affect what you can do with your land, what your neighbour can do and what can happen in your street and neighbourhood. The new planning scheme will help Council to manage land use and development across the region in a sustainable way. It will help to plan for future growth while still ensuring that the Fraser Coast is a great place to live, work and play.

Council wants everyone to have their say on the draft Fraser Coast Planning Scheme and planning scheme policies, so the Fraser Coast can develop in a way that is consistent with the community’s vision. Public consultation will run from 18 February 2013 to 12 April 2013, with plenty of opportunities for you to gain information, both online and in your local area. In addition to ‘drop in’ information sessions to be held in Tiaro, Howard, Maryborough and Hervey Bay and a dedicated Planning Scheme Hotline, town planners will also be available to answer queries at the Maryborough and Hervey Bay Customer Service Centres.

More here>>> Draft Fraser Coast Planning Scheme

The draft Fraser Coast Planning Scheme is now open for public comment and we want to hear from you.

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