What a great initiative to move these huts into one location

Added benefits & expansion to the existing Burrum District museum

Common sense prevailed with the moving of the mining huts at Torbanlea to the Burrum District Museum at Howard. Not good to see some of the old turn of the century buildings demolished, but we cannot have everything I suppose.

Can’t wait to see the restored huts in Howard when completed.

Was keeping my eyes on a red passion flower vine growing on one of the buildings over a few months as the seeds are hard to come by, but by the time I was aware that the buildings were being demolished when driving by it was a bit late to rescue the rare seeds from the vine as the building was half demolished.

It would have been great if some thought was given to not only the buildings etc but also some of the plants that were at the complex that deserve saving.

To the credit of the demo boys they gave me some leeway to look for some seeds after the demolition but it was a bit late to rescue any.

Early days of demolition @ Torbanlea and removal for re-instatement

@ the Howard Museum presinct.

Pics & story by Henry Sapiecha