NEEDY HOWARD STUDENTS  have been looked after in the shoe department

Some 75 children at Howard State School will receive new school shoes for next year, after a donation from the Shoes and Socks 4 Kids program.

The program was a result of more than year’s research by the charity, which spoke to schools and teachers to find out what the most important and urgent needs of disadvantaged children were.
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Howard State School principal David McGucken said the answer to what kids needed was unusually simple, with basic necessities such as school shoes high on the list of priorities.

“It’s nice to get something so useful,” he said.

Mr McGucken said the new shoes would be handed out next year to the students who needed them most.

Pauline Preston, managing director of the Brighter Future 4 Kids Foundation, said it was shocking to hear from teachers across the state about the effects of poverty on students.

“This program ensures children will go to school without the stigma of having no shoes, increasing school attendance, reducing ill health and reducing school bullying,” she said.

Ms Preston said the donation to Howard was made possible thanks to the support of organisations such as the Rali Foundation and Star Track Express, which generously delivered all the shoes and socks for free.
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Sourced from the local paper & published by Henry Sapiecha