Hi Henry,

I have managed to achieve a full electronic copy of the recent

Burrum Aged Units feature,

which may be of value to Chamber of Commerce in marketing the district.[Available to members via email by request from executive]


I have been asked to handle media and marketing sponsorships for the Torbanlea Picnic Races, and will forward information to the Chamber in relation to that event shortly.

In the meantime you could let Chamber know the Hinterland Newsletter which is published in Maryborough Herald, with circulation of 11,700 each month has now introduced the Burrum district, as of Wednesday July 29. This will provide opportunity for all parts of our district to promote their activities, products and services at a special discount rate more than 40% lower than rate card. Any businesses who wish to participate, or just want find out more may contact me at any time, also any organisations wishing to have editorial content.

I will send through the proposal for this shortly for the information of all Chamber members,

Please feel free to contact me with any queries.

Cheers for now,

Edith Rutherford

Phone 0409 609 971

Special Project Consultant

Received and posted by Henry Sapiecha 3rd August 2009