Dear Member,
The Fraser Coast Regional Council would like to invite Chamber of
Commerce members to become part of Staycations.
Staycations is an exciting ‘locals program’ initiated by the Fraser Coast Regional Council as part of its contribution to developing tourism and supporting local business operators.
Through a multi-tiered marketing campaign, locals are educated about the Fraser Coast’s wealth of attractions and natural attributes and encouraged, with the help of incentives, to become tourists in their own region.

The two main objectives are:
1. To stimulate the business and investment climate on the Fraser Coast by encouraging residents to “holiday at home” and spend money locally.
2. To encourage residents to become passionate and informed tourism ambassadors for the Fraser Coast and to proactively accompany their visiting friends and relatives to local attractions and experiences.
Staycations works by promoting the following incentives to  residents:
1. “Locals” discounts to all residents of the region with a Staycations Card

and/ or

2. Discounts for locals who bring a visitor from outside the area to a local attraction or tourism operator.

As at end of June 2009, there are over 1000 Fraser Coast residents who are Staycations card holders, and over 50 tourism and business members.
More details on the scheme, including the marketing benefits for your business can be viewed on request

If you would like to be part of this exciting marketing initiative, please contact Vanida Petts at Hervey Bay Visitor Information Centre on 4125 9858 or Kelli Sauer, at the Maryborough Visitor Information Centre on 4190 5742.

Kind regards,
Cr Anne Nioa,
Marketing and Tourism Portfolio Chair

red-dial-phone 1300 79 49 29       F (07) 4197 4455

No fees!All bookings/purchases direct to you!

Direct link to your website!

Direct link to your email address

What will it cost?

A discount or special offer of your choice to cardholders Membership Benefits Membership in scheme is at no cost to operators, yet has a value of up to $1000 in market exposure and other benefits including:•

Live Life Happy website – inclusion and promotion of Staycations scheme and members on Council’s new Live Life Happy website•

Our Fraser Coast Magazine 2010 – listing in this annual publication which is distributed through Visitor Information Centres, and over 150 distribution points, Council administration centres, regional libraries, trade and travel displays.

The images and text of the magazine is designed to capture people taking a Vacation or Staycation.• Window Sticker to display business is a member of Staycations scheme•

Collaborative marketing – between the Fraser Coast Regional Council and Fraser CoastTourism Board to promote the Staycations scheme.

The key aims are to increase the number of cardholders and participating members and increase the uptake of Staycations bookings.

• Buy-in opportunities – the chance to be part of special Chronicle Staycations features and the opportunity to promote your business and Staycations offer at discounted rates.

Residents are directed to book directly with operators and pay all money to operators. A disclaimer on the card and brochures advise that operators are not obliged to apply the discount to bookings made through a third party or agent.

Check out our website to see how it works:

Please return this completed section. This information will be used in the Participating Operators List Brochure.
Business Name :__________________________________________________
Street Address :__________________________________________________
Phone : ________________________ Fax : ________________
Website :__________________________________________________

Please include my special offer to Staycations Card holders in your brochure/ website. I will update these details should my offer change or expires.

I/we offer discounts of:
_______% or $_______ for locals who hold a current Staycations Card.
This discount applies to family rates: Yes No
This discount applies to student rates: Yes No
This discount applies to pension concession rates: Yes No
_______% or $_______ for locals who bring a bonafide visitor
This discount applies to family rates: Yes No
This discount applies to student rates: Yes No
This discount applies to pension concession rates: Yes
We offer discounts to locals of ________% or $_______, or
Please contact us to find out current season specials
Contact us on ______________________________
List other offer or conditions eg.

Free glass of house wine with every main meal;


Offer does not apply during Christmas, Easter and School holidays.
Please tick as many boxes as applicable to your establishment. A disclaimer will be included to the effect of only one discount applies at any one time and terms and conditions may apply.

Please contact operator directly’
• I/We agree to keep the Fraser Coast Regional Council informed at all times of changes in conditionsand discounts or any other factor which may affect my offering.
• I/We agree to honour the advertised discount of our product as supplied in this agreement or I have provided an amendment to update these details.
• I/We understand that should card holders breach their direct booking agreement, I/we may only collect the difference on the day
• I/We agree to further media/web promotions as per this agreement
• I/We agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this Staycations Agreement.



Received and posted by Henry Sapiecha  3rd Sept 2009