Men splashed by large crocodile while fishing from a boat in the Mary River Fraser Coast

Croc Sign, Northern Territory

TWO Maryborough men suffered what they believe was a crocodile shock while they were out fishing on the Mary River.

The two men were in a boat at Walkers Point fishing for catfish when the incident happened.

One of their friends, who asked to remain anonymous, called the Chronicle in an effort to warn other boaties who might be caught by surprise in the river.

He said the anglers were hanging the fish off the side of the 14-foot boat because they didn’t want to bring the slimy catfish into the vessel.

As they continued fishing, suddenly they heard a huge splash at the side of the boat where the catfish were hanging and both men were left drenched.

Their friend said both men believed the huge splash could only have been made by a crocodile.

While the fish weren’t taken from the side of the boat, the man believes that’s what the crocodile was trying to do.

The man, himself a long-time resident and keen angler, said it was no secret there were crocodiles in the Mary and probably more than just the two that were confirmed to be in the river on April 20.

He said it was important for boaties to be aware the reptiles were in the river and to keep an eye out.

The man said it was even more important for boaties to be wary on the river after reports that a 46-year-old woman was believed to have been taken by a crocodile north of Cairns at Thornton Beach.

“After what happened in Cairns, it really sends a message home,” he said.

He said he had told the two men not to leave fish hanging over the side of the boat anymore.

The two crocodiles spotted in the river last month, including a 4.5-metre-long reptile and a smaller 2.5- metre croc, have been targeted for removal from the river.

In the past few years, two crocodiles have been taken from the Mary River and re-homed at Koorana Crocodile Farm in Rockhampton.

A spokeswoman from the Department of Parks and Wildlife encouraged Maryborough residents and anyone using the Mary River to be croc-wise.

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Those who spotted a crocodile could also report it by calling 1300130372

 Henry Sapiecha